Floor deck roll forming machine
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Cunmac proudly provides floor deck roll forming machine in domestic and international markets including Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa, America.

1. What is a floor deck?

A floor deck is used to shape a metal plate concreting the floor instead of scaffolding and formwork. The floor deck is structured as a galvanizing steel plate and weld wave shape on hollow steel beams with a circular, triangular cross-section.

How Floor Deck Works: Metal floor decking is laid and fastened to a support structure, this can either be done with a composite or non-composite deck. Structural concrete is then poured over the metal decking, in turn becoming apart of the floor structural system itself.


Industrial factory, warehouse, garage
Commercial houses, showrooms
Restaurants, wedding banquet centers, movie theaters
Offices, hospitals, schools
Houses, apartments

2. Cunmac floor deck roll forming machine

– Automatic roll forming and cutting with Inverter, PLC, HMI
– Automatic programmable length settings via the touch panel
– Roller and blade are fabricated from alloy and SKD11 steel 60-62HRC
– Electrical and hydraulic components made from Japan, Germany
– Save history for orders in 30 days
– Stable operation with strong power and body frame
– 2 encoders for rear and front cutting
– Customize design


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