Portable roofing roll forming machine
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 1. What is a portable roofing roll forming machine?

A portable roll forming machine is a particular design of a roll shaping machine which simply on a consolidated level and handles everything a common machine does. However, simply pack it into a more modest size so it will move without any problem.

Out-standing advantages:

Portable: the machine can be taken to any place of work
Save time: you can create any length of the item hands-on location, not have to set up a timetable.
No need for transportation of sheets: all the sheets will be delivered to the gathered site and furthermore, assemble directly
Machine accessibility & versatility: With the best possible lifting system, versatile machines can be lifted to the height of a structure’s rooftop if required.
Ceaseless work: the installers can constantly assemble the panels because sheets are produced on-site.

2. Cunmac portable roofing roll forming machine

– Automatic roll forming and cutting with PLC, HMI
– Automatic programmable length settings via the touch panel
– Roller and blade are fabricated from alloy and SKD11 steel 60-62HRC
– Electrical and hydraulic components made from Japan, Germany
– Stable operation with strong power and body frame
– 2 encoders for rear and front cutting

– Customize design


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